I know you are eager to launch your private practice, but that you may not know where to start. I've been there. Between creating the paperwork I needed, navigating the legal and ethical regulations, and learning how to successfully market myself - I was overwhelmed! Like you, I knew I wanted to make a great living, set my own hours, and gain a stellar reputation, but wished there was an easier starting off point.

The Individual Private Practice packages provide the strong foundation necessary to reach your goal. The package you choose, tailored to what you need, will get you up and running quickly, saving precious time and money, and allowing you to focus on what you really want to focus on - helping your clients!


You have built a profitable and successful private practice. Congratulations! You are a great therapist, you love what you do, and you are ready to take it to the next level. Deciding to hire clinicians and expand your practice is an exciting and empowering decision, but it also leads to uncharted territory with lots of unanswered questions. What is the best way to train my clinicians so they provide the same high-quality service that I do? How do I ensure that my stellar reputation is sustained? What needs to be in my employment contract? I have been there and I have the answers you need!

The Multi-Clinician Private Practice packages give you all the systems and paperwork you need to hire, retain, and manage quality clinicians, as well as to successfully run a multi-clinician practice.


About Private Practice Launchpad

Lindsay Smith founded Teen Therapy Center (formerly Los Gatos Teen Therapy) in 2010. Within 1.5 years, her practice was overflowing and she began hiring clinicians, enabling her to collect passive income as well as provide extended services to her community. Lindsay understands the excitement and anxiety that come with launching a new practice, and recognizes that the required paperwork and systems to get started can be a major hurdle. Lindsay founded Private Practice Launchpad in 2015 with a vision to share her proven methods with other clinicians to help them jump that hurdle quickly and successfully, saving them time and money.

Check out the individual and multi-clinician practice packages available and see how Private Practice Launchpad can work for you!

Questions? Contact Lindsay at info@privatepracticelaunchpad.com